Educational & Awareness Center (E.A.C.)

Since 1995, E.A.C. has worked with thousands of individuals, helping them discover and live their true potential. The workshops provide the space for people to create extraordinary results by realizing ways to be more effective and enhancing the quality of their lives. Most individuals who participate in E.A.C.’s workshops do so because a colleague, friend or family member shared with them the difference it made in his or her life. Although experiences will differ from person to person, during the workshops, some of the breakthroughs that you will experience are, how to:

  • be more effective in your life
  • operate at your peak performance by increasing productivity
  • improve communication skills so that you bring out the best in others
  • enhance personal relationships
  • experience new levels of self-confidence, vitality, joy and satisfaction
  • create new possibilities generated by your commitment to the future
  • enhance direction and focus in life
  • develop the power of imagination and visualization to assist you in achieving your goals

E.A.C.’s founder, Dr. Soheil Navidbakhsh, believes that “our childhood is the essence of our being” – and it is where we need to start our healing process in order to get the most out of life today and tomorrow.

Through the workshops offered, you will gain a new perspective of life and a higher level of “being”. You will set free from your past and open new doors to your future. With this in mind, you are encouraged to take a step for yourself in order to reach a higher level of awareness and being, and to become the navigator of your path in life.