Our Founder – Dr. Navidbakhsh

Soheil Navidbakhsh, M.A., PsyD, is a distinguished speaker and educator who has spent the past 20 years mastering the principles and methods of the workshops he leads.

In 1995, Dr. Navidbakhsh found and led Educational Awareness Center (E.A.C. – formerly known as Consulting & Educational Center) where he has made a “technological” and huge impact bringing awareness and improvement to people’s quality of life, their relationships with their loved ones, the confidence with which they conduct their lives, the level of their personal productivity, the experience of the difference they make, and the degree to which they enjoy their lives. Through his gift of envisioning his student’s thoughts and emotions, he is able to take them into a different dimension and create an unforgettable experience, which will change their lives forever.

Demonstrating high levels of accomplishment, through his personalized technique, workshops, and most importantly his dedication to humanity, he has successfully been recognized by all who have experienced his expertise.

Today, Dr. Navidbakhsh is one of the most influential people in his field. He has transformed the lives of thousands of individuals by creating new possibilities and helping them recognize their full potential.