CS, Attorney (2009)

The EAC experience was life-changing for me.  I was able to identify and examine patterns in my life that were no longer serving me.  The workshop provides tools that you can use to interrupt those patterns and transform your actions into behaviors that DO serve you.  The experiential nature of the workshop is fantastic — I had many “aha” moments!  I took my first workshop a couple years ago and not a day goes by that I don’t utilize the skills developed over that amazing weekend.  Thank you Sam and EAC!!!

RZ, 32, Teacher (2009)

It was with mild trepidation that I took my seat that first Thursday evening of the Discovery Workshop. What began as a fluke became an exuberant journey full of new and endless possibilities for me. I walked into that room a bruised flower whose petals had shed and by the end of the Transformation workshop, I left a powerful woman who had discovered peace and light at the end of the tunnel. The value of the work became undeniably clear.

Having completed my battle with cancer just 30 days prior to the Discovery Workshop, recovery and closure to that chapter in my life seemed unattainable. This work proved otherwise. These workshops created a bubble of possibility in which I was able to try on new opinions and experiment with fresh behaviors.

This work has completely transformed my life, my husband’s life and therefore our child’s life. I often find myself wondering, ‘What if I never stumbled upon EAC and this work? Where would I be right now?’ The truth is that EAC and the work it stands for, helped me, a cancer survivor finally learn how to live my life. I feel an overwhelming desire to give away what I have gained which is why I choose to remain in this space of growth, love & breakthroughs. As for the woman who enrolled me, I am eternally indebted to you….

Chris Zogopoulos, 42, Teacher (2009)

I’m not one to embark on self discovering journeys. I don’t make leaps of faith and until recently, I considered myself immune to anything that remotely resembled a breakthrough. Meditation puts me to sleep and yoga bores and frustrates me.

I reluctantly agreed to enroll myself in the Discovery Workshop and had no expectations. For four days, I lived an unforgettable experience. It was a roller coaster of life. The interactions that took place within the class led me to some life transforming realizations.

This work has led me to believe that there is no relationship too dead to be revived and no love too cold to be warmed. I was touched, moved and inspired. I left the workshop with a number of practical tools that continue to improve the quality of my life. As a result, my relationship and communication with my wife of 9 years has reached levels that I never thought possible. Love and excitement are now so present in my life. And, my six year old son reaps the benefit of our interactions.

Yassi Somen, New York (2006)

EAC workshops have given me the most natural high on life. This has been multi-vitamin for my soul, a battery recharge, a reboot and a raise on life. As pinch me, I’m dreaming, this is too good to be true moments take over, I have come to realizations that anything is possible. And that we create and choose our choices. I am forever grateful for the awareness, clarity and peace that EAC has brought me.

Qefsere (2009)

“Discovery, has given me the gift to dream up the world I want to live in, and to dream out loud.”

CC, 20, (2009)

This work gives you a chance to improve your life in so many different ways. It’s everything from a well needed wakeup call to an amazing vacation. It’s a journey that I am extremely happy I took. I’ve met some incredible people while learning a lot about myself. I’ve gained the life tools I need to open my eyes and start being me, to my fullest potential. You’re in for a surprise and an amazing experience.

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