AC (2009)

“The workshops – Discovery and Transformation – were truly incredible journeys. I went into them not knowing what to expect – and frankly not expecting all that much – and came out with more than I could have imagined… An amazing sense of clarity and awareness of all facets of my life; fantastic friendships; better relationships with family and friends; motivation and a great sense of empowerment; and most importantly, a realization that living life to its fullest (or not), was entirely up to me. I didn’t have to settle for ‘just ok’.”

MS, 41, Hotelier (2008)

My experiences of the EAC workshops are difficult to put into words. It seems like a cliché to say things like “life changing…..incredible….dramatic”. Actually, words don’t do it justice. My impression is – you need to experience it, you need to feel it, you need to be in it – to get it!

Before Discovery, my first workshop, I thought I had a great life. Great marriage, great kids, very loving and nurturing family environment, good job, excellent relationships, childhood, friends. And now, the way I live my life doesn’t compare to how I lived before. Everything is so much more meaningful, my relationships are deeper, my communication with my wife and daughters is incredible, I show up more powerfully as a leader at work. I could go on and on …

Being in this space makes me realize that ANYTHING and EVERYTHING is possible. Truly, anything is possible. And we all need a coach – in whatever we do. To me, having a great life is not enough – I want an EXTRAORDINARY life. These workshops, this space, the people in the space, and Mark Somen – all are going to take me on the journey for EXTRAORDINARY!

GA, 42, Mother, Self Employed (2009)

Almost 2 years ago, I took a very hesitant step into this work on the recommendation of my sister. At the time, I had recently overcome a tragedy in my life and felt I was handling whatever card was dealt to me in my own way.

Today, having been fortunate enough to participate in many of EAC’s workshops and programs, I can honestly say, I don’t want to imagine how my life would have continued without the awareness and clarity I have gained as a result. Words cannot do justice in describing the many aspects of life that this work touches. It has given me practical and tangible tools, I can use in all the different relationships in my life to make them more, better and different. As a mother, daughter, sister, friend, and a woman, this work has allowed me to be Extraordinary! It has taught me that I am the source of everything I wish to create in my life and in the lives of people around me.

I wholeheartedly stand for this work and the limitless possibilities it offers to each and every individual that is willing to take an incredible journey of discovering what LIFE is!

Kristen Mehran (2009)

Looking back, my goal for Discovery was to live the best life possible. By surrendering and letting the workshop take its course, I emerged feeling a new sense of faith in possibilities for the greatest most powerful, compelling visions for my life. I have no doubt it can be created as I know the success of me lies in how I show up for myself and others. I have gained clarity about the past, future, and present- oh what a gift it is!

I am deeply grateful for the commitment and the breadth of this work. The result can be found in all of us who are reaching out to others in hopes that they choose the path of creating and recreating an extraordinary life.

I knew this class would be beneficial to my life but what I experienced and what I continue to experience is incredible. Part of me is speechless- A part of me can’t say enough and in the midst is on-going growth and continued self-discovery.


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